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“We want every bite to be memorable for you”

We travel and cater across the country at large scale food and drink festivals, music festivals, high streets, market squares, carnivals, continental markets, corporate events, occasions, parties, memorial ceremonies and much more. 

We used to be culinary experienced chefs for years at Chisou Japanese Restaurant, London and Ichi-E restaurant Bijlmer Arena, Amsterdam. Inspired from professional knowledge of Japanese Korean Food, we decided to offer our unique selection of Japanese Korean cuisines from our state of mobile catering. 

Oriental Kitchen started in 2022 as a street food stall serving in some best street food locations in London. Currently, we are stall holders at London Leather Lane and Portobello Markets. 


Planning a Fabulous

  • All kind of Festivals

    We are completely capable of serving for big, open, small, adults or kids festivals

  • Events

    Any Kind Of Event  

Teriyaki Chicken
  • Any occasions

    Any kind of occasions

  • Marketplaces

    Any kind of marketplace


Our Story of

Silver service is oriented for a right-handed waiter. Thus to serve the food, the waiter stands behind the guest and to the guest’s left, holds or supports the platter with their left hand, and serves the food with their right hand. It is common for the waiter to hold the serving-fork above the serving-spoon both in the right hand, and use the fingers to manipulate the two as a pincer for picking up and transferring the food.

Andreo Moreno, Master-Chef


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